Starbucks Copycat Green Tea Frappuccino

by Caroline Hurley

Sometime around Halloween I tried a sample of a Starbucks drink called a Franken Frappuccino. It was amazing.  The drink was a combination of a green tea frappuccino with mint syrup and mocha chips. I didn’t know that green tea frappuccinos were a thing but apparently you can order them all the time. Which is great because I wasn’t all that interested in the chocolate chips anyway.  I’m trying to be an adult after all and something about chocolate chips in my morning beverage just doesn’t make me feel that way. Also it makes me feel better about basically drinking a milkshake. The only problem with green tea frappuccinos is that they are expensive. Like 5 dollars….woof.

Franken Frappuccino

So…I thought it might be easy to recreate at home and it turns out it was pretty dang simple.


I decided to stick with the peppermint syrup but you can always use regular simple syrup or something like truvia. Starbucks uses their classic syrup in the green tea frappuccino. The only ingredient that is slightly hard to find is the Matcha green tea powder. They’ll definitely have it at Whole Foods if you have one close by. I’ve tried this with both regular milk as well as almond milk and they were both excellent! Starbucks most likely uses whole milk but it was great with 1%.


Starbucks actually uses Matcha as well. It gives the green tea flavor without having to add water.

Green-Tea-Frappuccino 3



It’s the perfect thing to sip on in the morning!

Starbucks Copycat Green Tea Frappuccino

Meal type Beverage
This Starbucks copycat green tea frappuccino tastes just like the real thing and is so simple to make.


  • 1 cup Milk
  • 2 cups Ice
  • 1 heaped tablespoon Matcha Powder
  • Sweetener (to taste (some Matcha powder is sweetened))


Step 1
Blend all ingredients together until smooth.

Tinted Moisturizer Hack

by Caroline Hurley

I’m all about simplifying my life and this holds true when it comes to my make up routine. I’d rather limit myself to five great products than ten okay ones.

By now we’re all familiar with the tinted moisturizer, bb cream, cc cream, (is there a dd cream now?) craze. I really like the concept of these products.  Since I work from home there isn’t a need for me to have full on make up or hair done every day. BUT I feel better about my day if I make a small effort with my hair and make up and wear normal clothes. These products are great for that but here’s the deal…it adds yet another product to my collection. Also, I’m not going to splurge on a high end BB cream product yet some of the drug store versions are a little on the greasy side.

Now enter the tinted moisturizer hack.

Tinted Moisturizer Hack

I use my everyday moisturizer and foundation. Both of these are good quality and keep my skin happy which keeps me happy. The Origins GinZing lotion smells like oranges which is super refreshing in the mornin’. Make sure your foundation and moisturizer are of similar consistency. A really thick cream foundation may not mix so great with a watery moisturizer.

Tinted Moisturizer Hack I mix equal parts foundation and lotion and apply it with clean fingers. For an even more sheer, dewy coverage you can use more lotion. For  heavier coverage use more foundation. Pretty simple. This amount covered my entire face and neck.

Using the combination saves time, lets my skin breathe, and gives sheer coverage.  I like this better than just foundation for a quick fix because sometimes foundation removes too much color from your face and requires you to add color back in with blush, bronzer, etc. and we’re only trying to put a small effort in remember.


Here is the before and after.


Tinted Moisturizer Hack   Before the tinted moisturizer my dark circles and  cool undertones are more prominent. Any redness is also minimized after the tinted moisturizer.  Tinted Moisturizer Hack  With a quick coat of mascara I can start my day and I’d say thats a pretty quick and easy tinted moisturizer hack.



An Office Update

by Caroline Hurley

Have I told you I love my apartment? Well I do. I’m trying to cherish this stage in life because things are going to change big time in 6 months! Patrick and I probably won’t be living in this apartment so I don’t want to do any major (read expensive) updates to the space. But there are still areas of my apartment that haven’t been touched since I moved in that could use some TLC.  My desk was one of those areas…or what I can now call my office! On top of this blog I work from home so it will be nice to have a comforting work space.

An Office Update

This update was around 20 dollars since it was entirely DIY. Most of the stuff was super simple and easy.

I started with these large clothespins from AC Moore ($1 each) and used leftover grey stain from my coffee table to weather them. Then I took three pieces of paper and outlined an arrow shape in acrylic gold paint. Then I filled in some of the interior space with watercolor.  Try and use a good quality piece of paper for this. I used velcro command strips to hang the clothespins.

An Office Update

I had some tissue paper on hand that I used to make these tassels. We’re talking ten minutes people. So easy! There are about a million tutorials for these on Pinterest but you can also order them from Etsy.

Next stop was the picture frame. I got a large picture frame on discount for ten dollars and painted it with chalkboard paint. They aren’t pictured but I also have magnets that can stick on either side of the frame to pin stuff up. Multipurpose=my jam.

Office Update1

I grabbed some chalk and wrote one of my favorite verses on the board. I’m excited to put Christmas songs on there in December!

I am so happy with this quick little office update!

An Office Update




Quick and Easy Waves with a Curling Iron

by Caroline Hurley

Quick and Easy Curling Iron Waves


Who doesn’t love having their hair look nice? I always feel so much better when I take the time to do something to my hair instead of throwing it up in a bun when its wet. It is definitely a time commitment but it makes me feel much more put together. I typically spend less time messing with it throughout the day if I do it right the first time. In this post I show you how I get quick and easy waves with a curling iron.

My hair is naturally thick and frizzy. So not fair. ESPECIALLY in the North Carolina humidity. Poofy is the word I’m looking for. Thankfully this hairstyle makes me forget all about the that. You’ll need a 1- 1 and 1/4 inch curling iron depending on your hair. The shorter your hair the smaller the iron.

Quick and Easy Curling Iron Waves


If you don’t curl your hair on the regular this might take some practice. But believe me, if you practice you will get good (and fast)! I couldn’t figure out how to use a curling iron for like 5 years and now its easy peasy. Go for a curling iron that lets you grip the top. It will give you more control. A decent quality curling iron is probably a good investment too! They go on sale all the time.

There is a special trick that I use in the video that gives that natural looking wave. Sometimes curling wands can leave all the ends stick straight so I think this technique is a little more natural.

Thanks for watching!



Fall Decor

by Caroline Hurley

I love the beach. I love the beach pretty much year round. I would say that I kept that in mind when I decorated my apartment. I love the beachy art that I made for the apartment last spring but it started to feel a little out of place this fall. I wanted to stay true to the coastal color palette that I love while giving the apartment a very budgeted update for fall decor. Thankfully this project only cost about 10 dollars because I have so many art supplies around from high school and I only had to make minor tweaks to my current decor.

This is what I started with. 

Beach House Paintings

I love the vibrant colors but wanted something a little more cozy. I had a three pack of flat canvases in my closet so I was able to stick with the three paintings.

I painted a pinecone (of course!), antlers, and a leaf. I chose a golden metallic paint that I love and will work great for both fall and winter. Painting objects instead of whole scenes keeps it simple.

Fall Art 1

I thought it would look a little funny just to have flat canvases on the wall as opposed to the raised ones from the springs. I had to get a little creative and was able to use the twine as a border with a little hot glue. I loved that it made the pictures look extra rustic and was budget friendly!


Fall Art 4



I added some branch stems to a vase that had some summery silk flowers in it before. That made the biggest difference. I also had some leftover picture frames from my dorm days so I stained those with a Classic Grey stain.

Fall Art 3

I loved the blue, orange, and gold together so I kept my drink dispenser and added a mini white pumpkin from the farmers market.

Here is the finished project!

Fall Art 2

I love my little apartment so much! I think I’ll keep it.