Bathroom Counter Storage

by Caroline Hurley

After living in a dorm I learned a lot about organization. Fitting all of your stuff in a small room you share with another person is not that easy. It gets especially tricky when it comes to storing toiletries and hair styling tools. In my dorm we didn’t have our own bathrooms so we did all of our getting ready in our rooms.  Think about all those cords for hair dryers, curling irons, computer, lights, coffee maker, TV, stereo, etc. with about 4 outlets in the room. It gives me the shakes just thinking about it!  I kept my sanity by becoming super organized. I was able to access things I needed quickly because I always knew where they were.

Even though I am in a spacious apartment now I have kept the organization skill with me. I think the bathroom is one of the areas of the home that gets the most cluttered. It can be tough to organize all the hair appliances, but it can be especially tough with the stuff you use everyday like make up remover, q tips, face lotion, and deodorant. I brought this little basket with me from home for bathroom counter storage and it has been the bomb.

Bathroom Counter Storage - Loblollies Blog


It just so happens that everything I use is the same shade of blue. How weird is that? This basket lets me keep everything I need most often in quick reach while everything else is stored in cabinets and drawers.


Bathroom Counter Storage - Loblollies Blog


In this basket I keep

-face lotion
-make up remover wipes
-Q tips
-cotton balls
-nail file

I have no problem keeping this stuff out on my counter when guests come to visit and I think it looks pretty cute.


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