Beachy Art

by Caroline Hurley

You can’t grow up in North Carolina without loving the beach. If you know me you know that my personal style is colorful and summery pretty much all year round. My apartment is no different. It reminds me of a beach house and I love it!

One of the ways that I have incorporated coastal accents in my apartment is through beachy art. I know that I am by no means a professional but that’s all right by me. I like being able to paint exactly what I’m looking for instead of spending extra time and money hunting down the right artwork.

I painted this canvas that hangs over my couch before moving in and my next three pieces kinda followed the same idea.

How to Paint a Picture


A couple months back I had some down time (aka it took me like a month to finish) and I painted three more to hang on the opposite wall over the TV.

Beach House Paintings 2 I love artwork in sets of three. Margaritas remind me of my family’s trip to cabo and I have loved them ever since so I knew I had to add that in there!

Beach House Painting 3


This lobster painting was inspired by a realllllly popular pinterest pin. You have probably seen it. This is by far my favorite of the three!


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