Carrot and Cucumber Ginger Slaw

by Caroline Hurley

Cucumber carrot ginger slaw


Hi friends! Have you ever been to a Japanese steak house and had a ginger salad dressing? And have you ever tried to buy the same thing at the store with no luck? Okay…brace yourself…Harris Teeter sells a dressing that tastes exactly like it!

I have been living off this stuff ever since I discovered it for the first time. The brand is called Naturally Fresh and you can find it with the refrigerated salad dressings near the produce. They have other great dressings too. It comes in a glass jar with a green lid. (I haven’t been asked to review this product I just love it so darn much!)

So other than using the ginger dressing as a typical salad dressing I recently made this carrot and cucumber ginger slaw and it was divine.


-Shavings of six large carrots (cut into smaller pieces if necessary)
-1/2 English cucumber diced
-1 palm full of cilantro chopped
-1/4 cup of Ginger dressing
-1/2 teaspoon of Sriracha if desired

Mix it all together and serve it up. This served as my entire dinner but it would be a great side for 4 people.


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