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Tinted Moisturizer Hack

by Caroline Hurley
I'm all about simplifying my life and this holds true when it comes to my make up routine. I'd rather limit myself to five great products than ten okay ones. By now we're all familiar with the tinted moisturizer, bb cream, cc cream, (is there a dd cream now?) craze. I really like the concept of these products.  Since I work from home there isn't a need for me to have full on make up or hair done every day. BUT I feel better about my day if I make a small effort with my hair and make up Read more [...]

Five Times You Should Apply Chapstick (but probably don’t!)

by Caroline Hurley
If you've read some of my blog posts before I have talked about my annoying dry skin. I go back and forth between trying to get silky smooth skin and just giving up and accepting it. With dry skin inevitably comes dry lips. I never noticed how prone I am to dry lips until I got a little older and occasionally wore lip color. Lip color and dry lips is a horrrrrrrrible combination. Hence why you don't see me with lip color very often. I recently had the chance to try Bite Agave Lip Mask and I have Read more [...]

Highlighting and Contouring for Fair Skin

by Caroline Hurley
Highlighting and contouring is such a great thing isn't it? The only problem is it can be kind of complicated. If your contour shade is too orange it just looks strange! In order to get a true dark contour shade I used a deep foundation and it has worked so well! I believe mine is by Covergirl.   I filmed a video of my make up application process for highlighting and contouring from start to finish. Yep...I'm putting myself on the internet with no make up on. Hello world! This is just Read more [...]