Cheetah girl.

by Caroline Hurley

Patrick’s family got me this beautiful scarf. After four years it’s safe to say they know me all too well. I pretty much love any type of cheetah print accessory. Shoes, scarves, belts…you name it. So when they thought of me when they saw this scarf they hit the nail on the head! Its really nice when people send you a card or gift just because. Its something I need to do more often.

White piko


Patrick and I hit up the Mebane outlets this past Saturday to make some size exchanges from Christmas. The outlets were craaaaazy. I think people take a break from shopping in January and February after getting their Christmas fill and because its too cold to shop for spring. Well…they came out guns a blazin’ last weekend. The stores were on board too because there were a ton of sales.

It was a bit chilly out so I thought a piko and my new scarf would do the trick. I love piko tops because they are so comfortable but I’ve learned you have to be careful with how you wear them. If you don’t pair it with the right accessory it can look like a pajama top! I always find a pendant necklace or scarf to pair with them.

In other news I am finishing up my eight week lab project this week. Biology is such a large major I never realized how nice it would be to have a professor know your name without making a huge effort. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to experience that through my biotechnology minor. On another note…I now know how to effectively purify the active enzyme in Beano about five different ways. Yep. Turns out there is a major industry for it with animal feed. It breaks down otherwise indigestible nutrients so that the feed is more caloric.

I turned in my 20 page lab report on it exactly one minute before it was due. I’m pretty sure I burned 1000 calories out of panic. On the bright side I stumbled on a new type of highlighter. It’s like a gel crayon.

I highly recommend it for all your highlighting needs. At this point in the semester its the little things. Here’s to spring break!


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