DIY Jewelry Organizer

by Caroline Hurley

When it comes to accessorizing, nothing pulls an outfit together better than a statement necklace. The problem with statement necklaces is they are a bit bulky to store. After having collected a few of them the past year I was having a difficult time keeping them organized. I knew that I wanted an organizer large enough to fit all of my necklaces that would look pretty on my wall. I decided to use chicken wire and a picture frame for my diy jewelry organizer and I couldn’t be happier!
DIY Jewelry Organizer


Find a large picture frame and remove the glass. I did this buy pushing up the metal tabs and carefully pushing the glass out. A large ornate frame would be even better if you can find one at a garage sale or good will. Otherwise look for a frame without any polish or stain.

I used acrylic paint on this frame. I started with a brown base and let it dry. Then I made a thin white wash by mixing water and white paint and painted it on top of the brown. I did several layers of the white until I was satisfied.  Let the frame sit overnight or for at least  several hours to dry thoroughly. This may take a while because of the water in the white wash. Once the paint was dry I took a fine grit piece of sandpaper and rubbed it on the edges to give it a worn and rustic look.

Go to your local Lowes and look for chicken wire in the gardening section. Try to find some with dimensions that will work with your frame. Also check to make sure the chicken wire doesn’t contain any unsafe materials that you may not want in your house. Better safe than sorry!

Wear thick gloves when working with the chicken wire and be careful when working with it. It has sharp edges and it will cut you. Cut the chicken wire with wire cutters to the desired size and lay it over the picture frame. My picture frame had a ridge on the back side. I then used a staple gun to staple the chicken wire to the ridge. I continued stapling around the frame and pulled the chicken wire tight  with each staple.

DIY Jewelry Organizer

We hammered picture hangers onto the top left and right and hung it on my wall. I love being able to look at all my jewelry at once and decide what works with my outfit. Plus it’s pretty on the eyes!


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