Fall Decor

by Caroline Hurley

I love the beach. I love the beach pretty much year round. I would say that I kept that in mind when I decorated my apartment. I love the beachy art that I made for the apartment last spring but it started to feel a little out of place this fall. I wanted to stay true to the coastal color palette that I love while giving the apartment a very budgeted update for fall decor. Thankfully this project only cost about 10 dollars because I have so many art supplies around from high school and I only had to make minor tweaks to my current decor.

This is what I started with. 

Beach House Paintings

I love the vibrant colors but wanted something a little more cozy. I had a three pack of flat canvases in my closet so I was able to stick with the three paintings.

I painted a pinecone (of course!), antlers, and a leaf. I chose a golden metallic paint that I love and will work great for both fall and winter. Painting objects instead of whole scenes keeps it simple.

Fall Art 1

I thought it would look a little funny just to have flat canvases on the wall as opposed to the raised ones from the springs. I had to get a little creative and was able to use the twine as a border with a little hot glue. I loved that it made the pictures look extra rustic and was budget friendly!


Fall Art 4



I added some branch stems to a vase that had some summery silk flowers in it before. That made the biggest difference. I also had some leftover picture frames from my dorm days so I stained those with a Classic Grey stain.

Fall Art 3

I loved the blue, orange, and gold together so I kept my drink dispenser and added a mini white pumpkin from the farmers market.

Here is the finished project!

Fall Art 2

I love my little apartment so much! I think I’ll keep it.


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