My Favorite Hair Products

by Caroline Hurley

A lot of hair products have left me less than satisfied. I’ve found that if you want a great product you typically have to pay the big bucks. Suave just ain’t gonna cut it. Some of my favorite hair products are quite affordable and can be found at Target, others have to be ordered online or bought in a beauty supply store.Β 

Favorite Hair Products


  1. Aquage Uplifting Foam – This stuff is a miracle. If you love big hair then this is the product for you. I’ve talked about this product a couple times and am really impressed with its lifting power.
  2. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray – This is the BEST product for mermaid waves. I use it in combination with the Beach Babe Hair Cream. If you are at the pool or beach keep this in your bag to style your hair afterwards for be achy waves. If you have curled your hair with a curling iron, you can spray your hair with a mist of the spray and then scrunch a small amount of the cream throughout your hair. It will give you extra volume and will soften up your curls to give that perfect mermaid hair. Favorite Hair Products
  3. Kenra Volume Spray – I thought all hair spray was the same until I tried this stuff. OH my goodness they aren’t lying about the volume. Place your hair where you want it and spray.
  4. Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Hair Cream – See number two!
  5. Johnson’s Travel Size Baby Powder – For days where my dry shampoo just isn’t enough I will add a little baby powder to day old hair. The travel size version is much better for distributing the powder evenly.
  6. Psssst! Dry Shampoo – This is a product that I really couldn’t live without. It’s great for day old hair or freshly styled hair. It revives day old hair and adds texture to freshly styled hair.

Favorite Hair Products


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