Five Minute Homemade Mojitos for a Crowd!

by Caroline Hurley


Ever since I went on vacation to Hilton Head this summer I can’t help but dream about the handful of mojitos I had by the pool. They are so good and a great light, refreshing drink as compared to some of the super sweet tropical drinks out there. I came back to Raleigh with a new favorite drink only to find that none of my favorite restaurants serve them! I guess it is difficult to always carry fresh mint leaves at the bar! I love making drinks at home but I hate measuring out all the ingredients drink by drink. That’s why I decided to make a recipe for just one big pitcher of homemade mojitos and it only took 5 minutes!

What you will need:
•juice of 4 limes
•2 large handfuls of mint leaves
•1 cup sugar
•1 cup water
•1 liter club soda
• 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 cups of white rum (depends on how strong you like them!)

Start by adding a cup of sugar and a cup of water in a pot and bring it to a boil. Stir and remove from heat once the sugar has dissolved.

Grab two handfuls of mint leaves and muddle them at the bottom of a pitcher. Sometimes adding a good spoonful of Sugar for muddling helps release the mint flavor.

Add in the juice of 4 limes.

Pour in 1 liter of club soda.

Add the simple syrup you made.

Lastly add in the rum.

Mix it all together and chill if desired. Pour over tall glasses of ice and enjoy! Easy peasy!




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