Five Times You Should Apply Chapstick (but probably don’t!)

by Caroline Hurley

If you’ve read some of my blog posts before I have talked about my annoying dry skin. I go back and forth between trying to get silky smooth skin and just giving up and accepting it. With dry skin inevitably comes dry lips. I never noticed how prone I am to dry lips until I got a little older and occasionally wore lip color. Lip color and dry lips is a horrrrrrrrible combination. Hence why you don’t see me with lip color very often. I recently had the chance to try Bite Agave Lip Mask and I have loved it. Its worked some serious miracles I tell ya.

Here are some times that you might not think of applying chapstick or a moisturizing product but should because it can make a big difference!


Five times you should be applying chapstick (but probably aren't!)

1. Before Working Out

We all become total mouth breathers when we work out unless you’re that freak of nature marathon runner who has got that breathe through your nose crap down. Mouth breathing is extremely drying on your lips so before you go for a run or a cardio session layer on some lip balm.

2. Before Bed

Gosh, having a fan is such a luxury isn’t it? But having a fan blow air on your face all night can really dry you out. Night time is a great time to bring out the big guns. Go for an ultra moisturizing product that doesn’t double as make up. These products may not contain SPF because they are meant to wear while you sleep!

3. In the Car

In fact you should probably keep a whole slew of moisturizing products in the car if you’re prone to dryness. Both the AC and heat are concentrated at your face and hands and will dry you out in no time. Just be careful your favorite chapstick doesn’t have a meltdown in your car in the summer!

4. Before the Shower

If you enjoy hot showers this is a quick way to lose moisture. Lock in moisture by applying lip balm before you step in.

5. Before Applying Make up

Get in the habit of applying lip balm as your first step in your make up routine. This will moisturize your lips and condition them for any product you may be putting on that day. 

Here’s to soft lips!


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