Highlighting and Contouring for Fair Skin

by Caroline Hurley

Highlighting and Contouring for fair skin

Highlighting and contouring is such a great thing isn’t it? The only problem is it can be kind of complicated. If your contour shade is too orange it just looks strange! In order to get a true dark contour shade I used a deep foundation and it has worked so well! I believe mine is by Covergirl.


I filmed a video of my make up application process for highlighting and contouring from start to finish. Yep…I’m putting myself on the internet with no make up on. Hello world! This is just one way to highlight and contour. You can also use bronzer as your contouring shade. This make up look is obviously on the heavier side so it is mainly meant for special events, date night etc. It may be a bit much for day to day but you can use the same technique with less intensity.  It took me about 20 minutes to do this look but a lot of the time was spent on the eye make up. Happy H-A-C-ing!


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