Messy Bun Tutorial

by Caroline Hurley

messy bun tutorial - Loblollies Blog

Looking back at my hair styling methods in high school I can’t help but laugh. I had not discovered baby powder or dry shampoo so I insisted on having freshly washed hair every single day. That meant I wore my hair scrunched or in a bun 75% of the time because who has time to style their hair that often…especially in high school?

Thankfully I learned a lot about hair through my beauty blog obsession in college and typically go one and a half to two days without washing my hair. This has made my hair a lot healthier too! My favorite way of wearing day old hair is to throw it up in a messy bun. I have seen so many bloggers post tutorials for messy buns where they pretty much just tell you…throw it up in a messy bun and you’re good to go! The entire girl population knows that there is a real art to messy bunning  (ha!) and it is far from simple. I made this video messy bun tutorial to show you how I go about styling my messy bun with lots of information. Strangers have asked me several times if I got my hair done when  I’ve worn this hair style so you should definitely give it a try!

Here is what you can use to get the look.  messy bun 4

You can swap dry shampoo for baby powder but you won’t get the same amount of volume. There are two things that are essential to making this hair style work. Large clear elastics are far superior to normal hair ties and you won’t see them in the hair. Also you need a really strong bobby pin. These bobby pins at Sally’s are amazing and seriously cheap! They blow the goody’s brand out of the water. Feel free to use any brand of dry shampoo and hair spray.

Messy Bun 1

I didn’t include it in the picture of materials but a fluffy make up brush is a great tool to use to pull down the wispies to frame your face and make the look even more messy. You can see how I do it in the video. I also use a really thin metal headband. I’ve had this forever but if I recall correctly I got it in a pack at Walgreens.

messy bun 3


As you can see from the back there isn’t a whole lot of technique in where the hair goes. Just periodically check the back with a hand mirror as you are pinning the hair down to make sure nothing wonky is going on.


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