An Office Update

by Caroline Hurley

Have I told you I love my apartment? Well I do. I’m trying to cherish this stage in life because things are going to change big time in 6 months! Patrick and I probably won’t be living in this apartment so I don’t want to do any major (read expensive) updates to the space. But there are still areas of my apartment that haven’t been touched since I moved in that could use some TLC.  My desk was one of those areas…or what I can now call my office! On top of this blog I work from home so it will be nice to have a comforting work space.

An Office Update

This update was around 20 dollars since it was entirely DIY. Most of the stuff was super simple and easy.

I started with these large clothespins from AC Moore ($1 each) and used leftover grey stain from my coffee table to weather them. Then I took three pieces of paper and outlined an arrow shape in acrylic gold paint. Then I filled in some of the interior space with watercolor.  Try and use a good quality piece of paper for this. I used velcro command strips to hang the clothespins.

An Office Update

I had some tissue paper on hand that I used to make these tassels. We’re talking ten minutes people. So easy! There are about a million tutorials for these on Pinterest but you can also order them from Etsy.

Next stop was the picture frame. I got a large picture frame on discount for ten dollars and painted it with chalkboard paint. They aren’t pictured but I also have magnets that can stick on either side of the frame to pin stuff up. Multipurpose=my jam.

Office Update1

I grabbed some chalk and wrote one of my favorite verses on the board. I’m excited to put Christmas songs on there in December!

I am so happy with this quick little office update!

An Office Update




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