Products I’m Loving

by Caroline Hurley

I feel like I’m just getting to the point where I’m learning what products work for me and what don’t. This is coming from the girl who didn’t know how to use a curling iron until college. It wasn’t until I got a little older that I got to learn what I expect out of certain products and had the ability to differentiate with what makes a product good or bad. Of course this is all subjective so take my opinions lightly! Here are the products I’m loving lately. I’ve found most of these in the past couple months and thought I’d share with yalls.

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  1. JKY by Jockey Nylon Stretch Cami
    This is literally the PERFECT cami. I was in search for a cami that was fitted without being shapewear wear. I also didn’t want it to be 100% cotton because they have a tendency to shrink and ride up. These were pretty hard demands to meet. I was at the outlets this summer and went into Hanes and Jockey without finding anything I was looking for. Eventually I tried my luck during a target run and found this gem. I have worn it to death. Its length is perfect and it is relatively thin so its invisible under tighter pieces. It is also ultra soft and breathable. Seriously. I can not recommend this thing enough. Its $14 dollars at target and it comes in multiple colors. Wear it under those sheer white tees or underneath see through sweaters. Everyone needs a basic nude cami and this should be the one!
  2. Sharpie Fine Point Pens
    You can find these at target in assorted colors. I love colored pens but sometimes the advertised color is far from the actual thing. These pens have really fun colors that can brighten up thank you notes or make color-coding note taking a little easier. While I’m normally a ball point pen girl, I use these for study guides and they are the best! They don’t bleed through the page and are super easy to write with.
  3. Starbucks Caramel Macchiato
    Starbucks coffee is a definite luxury. Some of us aren’t located near one or we can’t afford to make it a habit. I’m not a huge coffee drinker because I am super susceptible to caffeine. I get the shakes x 1000. But I’ll be darned if it isn’t worth it for that delicious Starbucks iced coffee every once in a while. Starbucks recently introduced this iced coffee carton into the grocery stores and I decided to give it a try. Turns out its pretty good! I think its still pretty up there on the caffeine scale but its nice to have it ready in your fridge for those times you’ve got a coffee craving. It ain’t bad at around 4-5 dollars either versus spending that on one drink.
  4. MetaGrip Premium Bob Pins
    When I used these bobby pins for the first time I couldn’t believe the difference from the goody ones I had been using all these years. I’ve had these bobby pins for a while now and they are key for those more intricate hair styles. The grip is tight and it keeps hair in place so much better than ordinary bobby pins. Get them at Sally’s beauty supply!
  5. L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle Blush
    I’ve never really been a fan of a “mousse” or “souffle” product but I changed my mind when I tried it for blush. The foundations of this kind can look a little cakey on your skin but this blush is entirely different. I didn’t like how powder blush looked on my skin and I could never get it to blend it the way I wanted. I use a stippling brush to apply just a smidge of this product on the apples of my cheeks and it has the prettiest finish on your skin. Give it a try!
  6. Udderly Smooth
    Its body lotion okay?.. Sheesh. I tried this product years ago and kinda forgot about it because it can be a little difficult to find. I found it recently at a bed bath and beyond and picked it up again. If you are the type of person who can’t stand a greasy lotion then you need to try this. Your skin feels like velvet afterwards. I also like that there is hardly any scent. If you saw my dry shampoo post you know that I’m weird about conflicting scents. If all your beauty products have different scents its a little overwhelming.
  7. Aquage Uplifting Foam
    Like many people I discovered this product from one of my favorite blogs. After trying it the first time I wasn’t a huge fan. I’m a big hair girl (closer to heaven?) and this product has been promised to give you big hair. After several failed attempts with styling this product I walked away from it. I came back to it recently and completely changed my mind. I think I wasn’t prepared to have the feeling of product in my hair since I never really use hair products. It does give your hair a “product-y” feel but its worth it. If you’ve tried hair styles and your hair just doesn’t seem to cooperate try it again with this product. I was able to get that perfect bumped pony and teased hair when I used this product.

Well that’s it! Products I’m lovin right now!



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