Quick and Easy Waves with a Curling Iron

by Caroline Hurley

Quick and Easy Curling Iron Waves


Who doesn’t love having their hair look nice? I always feel so much better when I take the time to do something to my hair instead of throwing it up in a bun when its wet. It is definitely a time commitment but it makes me feel much more put together. I typically spend less time messing with it throughout the day if I do it right the first time. In this post I show you how I get quick and easy waves with a curling iron.

My hair is naturally thick and frizzy. So not fair. ESPECIALLY in the North Carolina humidity. Poofy is the word I’m looking for. Thankfully this hairstyle makes me forget all about the that. You’ll need a 1- 1 and 1/4 inch curling iron depending on your hair. The shorter your hair the smaller the iron.

Quick and Easy Curling Iron Waves


If you don’t curl your hair on the regular this might take some practice. But believe me, if you practice you will get good (and fast)! I couldn’t figure out how to use a curling iron for like 5 years and now its easy peasy. Go for a curling iron that lets you grip the top. It will give you more control. A decent quality curling iron is probably a good investment too! They go on sale all the time.

There is a special trick that I use in the video that gives that natural looking wave. Sometimes curling wands can leave all the ends stick straight so I think this technique is a little more natural.

Thanks for watching!



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