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Starbucks Copycat Green Tea Frappuccino

by Caroline Hurley
Sometime around Halloween I tried a sample of a Starbucks drink called a Franken Frappuccino. It was amazing.  The drink was a combination of a green tea frappuccino with mint syrup and mocha chips. I didn't know that green tea frappuccinos were a thing but apparently you can order them all the time. Which is great because I wasn't all that interested in the chocolate chips anyway.  I'm trying to be an adult after all and something about chocolate chips in my morning beverage just doesn't make Read more [...]

Strawberry Vanilla Bean Sangria Recipe

by Caroline Hurley
Let me introduce to you my favorite drink of all time. It's Strawberry Vanilla Bean Sangria y'all. They serve this drink at a restaurant in Raleigh called Cantina 18. I had it a while back when it was on special on a Friday and I've never met a drink I like better. I am not a wine person at all. I might be the only college girl who does not love wine. In my year of being 21 I have never ordered a glass of wine at a restaurant. I have no problem drinking it if it is served to me but I will usually Read more [...]