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Messy Bun Tutorial

by Caroline Hurley
Looking back at my hair styling methods in high school I can't help but laugh. I had not discovered baby powder or dry shampoo so I insisted on having freshly washed hair every single day. That meant I wore my hair scrunched or in a bun 75% of the time because who has time to style their hair that often...especially in high school? Thankfully I learned a lot about hair through my beauty blog obsession in college and typically go one and a half to two days without washing my hair. This has Read more [...]

Highlighting and Contouring for Fair Skin

by Caroline Hurley
Highlighting and contouring is such a great thing isn't it? The only problem is it can be kind of complicated. If your contour shade is too orange it just looks strange! In order to get a true dark contour shade I used a deep foundation and it has worked so well! I believe mine is by Covergirl.   I filmed a video of my make up application process for highlighting and contouring from start to finish. Yep...I'm putting myself on the internet with no make up on. Hello world! This is just Read more [...]

How to Keep your Jack-O-Lantern from Rotting

by Caroline Hurley
It has finally started to feel like fall. I'm savoring this brief moment before the temperature randomly climbs back up to the nineties for the remainder of September. With this weather I can't help but dream about picking out pumpkins and carving them for our front porch. We always loved this tradition growing up and we carved our pumpkins as early as the first week of October to make sure we could soak up as much Halloween as possible! So... if you are like my family and enjoy a carved pumpkin Read more [...]