Tinted Moisturizer Hack

by Caroline Hurley

I’m all about simplifying my life and this holds true when it comes to my make up routine. I’d rather limit myself to five great products than ten okay ones.

By now we’re all familiar with the tinted moisturizer, bb cream, cc cream, (is there a dd cream now?) craze. I really like the concept of these products.  Since I work from home there isn’t a need for me to have full on make up or hair done every day. BUT I feel better about my day if I make a small effort with my hair and make up and wear normal clothes. These products are great for that but here’s the deal…it adds yet another product to my collection. Also, I’m not going to splurge on a high end BB cream product yet some of the drug store versions are a little on the greasy side.

Now enter the tinted moisturizer hack.

Tinted Moisturizer Hack

I use my everyday moisturizer and foundation. Both of these are good quality and keep my skin happy which keeps me happy. The Origins GinZing lotion smells like oranges which is super refreshing in the mornin’. Make sure your foundation and moisturizer are of similar consistency. A really thick cream foundation may not mix so great with a watery moisturizer.

Tinted Moisturizer Hack I mix equal parts foundation and lotion and apply it with clean fingers. For an even more sheer, dewy coverage you can use more lotion. For  heavier coverage use more foundation. Pretty simple. This amount covered my entire face and neck.

Using the combination saves time, lets my skin breathe, and gives sheer coverage.  I like this better than just foundation for a quick fix because sometimes foundation removes too much color from your face and requires you to add color back in with blush, bronzer, etc. and we’re only trying to put a small effort in remember.


Here is the before and after.


Tinted Moisturizer Hack   Before the tinted moisturizer my dark circles and  cool undertones are more prominent. Any redness is also minimized after the tinted moisturizer.  Tinted Moisturizer Hack  With a quick coat of mascara I can start my day and I’d say thats a pretty quick and easy tinted moisturizer hack.



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