Valentine’s Day Hair and Make Up

by Caroline Hurley

Valentines Day Hair and Make Up - Lobolollies Blog


Valentine’s day is right around the corner and I think it’s a great day to have some fun with your hair and make up. I probably wouldn’t wear my hair this way for date night but I think it’s a cute way to celebrate Valentine’s day during the day whether you have a valentine or not . In my mind it’s a day to wear a ton of pink or red. I’ve never been a huge pink girl but it’s certainly a romantic color and there is no better day than Valentine’s day for that.

This is what I used for my hair style. Valentines Day Hair


Grab a foam hair doughnut  in your hair color. This is the easiest way to make a ballerina bun. If you have never used this before you can check out this youtube tutorial.  She uses a sock but I think it’s a bit more challenging. I used the wide tooth comb and clear elastic to make a  high and tight ponytail and rolled the doughnut down my hair.  I secured it flat with bobby pins and used the powder brush to create some wisps around my face. I typically sweep the brush over my hair towards my face so it allows the wisps to fall without pulling any longer hair out of the bun. I also don’t want the bun too tight so I pulled on pieces of my hair to loosen them up a bit and give the bun some texture. Finish with hairspray.

Grab a pink or red neck scarf and wrap it around your hair twice before securing it into a bow slightly to the side.

Valentines Day Hair and Make Up


As far as the make up goes I played with a lot of pink! I used these products below .
Valentine's Day Make Up

Pink and Gold Eye Shadow - Loblollies Blog I used a neon pink blush for my eye shadow up and blush. This one is by ELF cosmetics. Cheap as they come! For my eyes I dabbed the blush in the outer corners of my eye and then hit the center with the shimmery gold shadow.


Also be warned… I thought the lipgloss pictured below was lipstick. I mean who wouldn’t? I was shocked when it twisted instead of pulling off and I found a lipgloss wand. Not cool Maybelline. Valentine 6


Hope this gives you some inspiration for Valentine’s day hair and make up!




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